Tiny Tears Classic Doll

Tiny Tears Classic Doll

The remarkable Tiny Tears Classic Doll is the original crying baby doll that is the UK’s best known toy doll. Children of all ages will love playing with Tiny Tears, since she is like a real life baby. This toy is a fantastic gift for children who love playing with baby dolls. She has realistic actions and looks like an actual baby girl. She is the original and first known baby doll that wets her nappy, drinks, and cries. Because of these realistic actions, caring for the baby can improve your child’s responsibility and help them play their favourite role-playing games.

The Tiny Tears Classic Doll comes with a nappy, feeding bottle, hair brush, bib, and her very own potty and pajamas. This classic doll comes with a two piece cream pajama set that fits her perfectly. There are also other clothing options available to put on Tiny Tears. By feeding her the bottle, she will actually cry and wet herself. The dry nappy that comes with her can be used to change her when the diaper gets wet. You can also use the hair brush to keep her pretty blond hair combed and looking lovely.

Tiny Tears Classic Doll is about 34cm in height and 32cm wide. By giving the doll water, she will actually cry and wet herself. The doll features closing eyes and lifelike baby features. She has blond hair that is topped with a small, pink bow. The doll also has movable joints that makes playtime fun and interactive. She can easily sit on her potty or sit in a high chair with ease. Your child will have fun moving her in different positions and letting her sit in different locations. They can even bring Tiny Tears into the bathtub with them.

This amazing toy will give your child hours of playful enjoyment for years to come. Her realistic qualities make her the most popular baby doll in the UK. She is recommended for children who are three years or older because of some small parts that are included.

November 30, 2010
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