Timmy Time Sing And Dance Timmy

Timmy Time Sing And Dance Timmy

Timmy Time is a children’s TV series that is about a little lamb named Timmy who goes to nursery school with his other animal friends. The show is cute and is full of a lot of singing and dancing that the kids and Timmy both seem to love. Life is a big fun adventure to Timmy and he has a lot to learn and gets into all kinds of predicaments.

The other characters on the show are just as cute as Timmy and even in the animated adventure they look like little walking and talking plush toys. So many kids will have Timmy and his other friends on their Christmas lists. Some of Timmy’s nursery time friends include Paxton the pink pig that wears a blue sweater. Another one of Timmy’s friends is mittens the shy little cat with a pink collar. Plus no nursery play collection would be complete without a puppy and that is where Ruffy comes in. He is the lovable Timmy Time puppy.

There is also Yabba the duck, Otis the owl, Apricot the hedgehog, Finlay the fox, Kid the goat, and Stripey the badger. They also have two teachers which are Harriet and Osbourne. Harriet is a pelican and Osbourne is a owl. In spite of all of these cute characters and the many plush toys available, the real charm of Timmy Time is the music.

That is why the most popular Timmy Time toy is the Timmy Time Sing & Dance Timmy. This Timmy toy is over a foot tall and can stand on his own. He is wearing some cool blue dancing shoes and a trainers cap. He also is either an Olympic athlete or he is sporting some bling around his neck.

To play with the Timmy Time Sing and Dance Timmy your little Timmy Time fan only needs to squeeze Timmy’s hand and then the music begins. He plays music and sings and dances along with it. His moves are actually pretty good and your little one can dance with him or mimic his moves. He also has two different tracks so there will be some variety and your little one can choose the song he or she favours.

November 30, 2010
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