Star Wars Deluxe AT-AT

Star Wars Deluxe AT-AT

Who could forget the iconic images of the AT-AT walkers from The Empire Strikes Back? These dinosaur-like, mechanical walkers have been made into numerous toys and models since the 80s. There have been small replicas, large models, Lego models, and one toy that actually walked. The first notable version came from Kenner Toys in 1980 and was in scale with their popular Star Wars figures. Now that Hasbro owns the rights to make toys based on the Star Wars property, they have given us the Deluxe AT-AT.

The Star Wars Deluxe AT-AT, or all-terrain armoured transport, is the largest version to date. It stands over 2 ft. high, is more than 2 ft. long, and is 1 ft. wide. The model has fully articulated leg and neck joints. The joints are tight and the toy remains sturdy considering its size. Like its Kenner predecessor, it can hold figures in the head and body compartments. The head has room for the two drivers and four other figures. The body can easily accommodate another fourteen Storm Troopers. There are pegs throughout the toy that fit into the feet of the Hasbro figures. This keeps them firmly in place inside the vehicle.

The AT-AT features numerous electronic lights and sounds. Many of the sounds come right from the film. There are voices issuing command orders from the cockpit, and many different sounds for the laser cannons and other weapon systems. There are blue emergency lights that flash inside of the head compartment. The head cannons move in and out and glow red on their ends. There is even a working rope pulley where you can recreate the scene of Luke throwing a bomb inside of the AT-AT. The toy even features sounds from that scene.

The AT-AT features an amazing amount of realistic details on both the outside and inside. It also comes with a speeder bike and the AT-AT driver figure. It retails for around £130.00. It is easily the best AT-AT toy ever created and sure to be a fan favourite.

November 17, 2010
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