Playskool Step Start Walk and Ride

Playskool Step Start Walk and Ride

The Playskool Step Start Walk and Ride is a very sturdy baby push walker. This Playskool Step Start Walk and Ride has 2 positions, one for riding on and one for walking behind. This product is suggested for use in children 9 months to 3 years. It is designed to let children grow with it from crawling to walking to riding. A wheel-lock mechanism safely locks the Step Start Walk and Ride into a position that allows only adults to activate. On the surface of the toy it has several hands-on activities that are embedded for sounds, movement, and texture.

When you put the Step Start Walk and Ride in the riding position it has a small storage compartment for carrying around the child’s favourite little toys. The Step Start Walk and Ride is constructed from molded plastic that is very colourful and sure to please any curious child. A Phillips screwdriver is all that is required to assemble this toy.

Some features that are included in the baby push walker are that it converts to baby’s first ride-on toy and has a locking mechanism that only adults can activate. Children can hear sounds, touch textures, and see fascinating things. It comes with a spinner that is very colourful, a very soft antenna, and a small area for storage under the hood. The baby push walker and the ride-on modes have hands-on activities. The walker is actually two toys in one. The stable, sturdy walker helps babies to learn how to stand up and walk.

People who have bought this toy say that it is a very good toy that helps children learn how to balance themselves before they take their very first steps. They also say that when this toy is used as a walker it works best when used on carpeting. When the walker is used on hardwood flooring it tends to move to fast and become unsteady.

November 29, 2010
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