Playmobil School 4324

Playmobil School 4324

Playmobil School an imaginative school adventure, The Playmobil School is the perfect choice for any child preparing to start, any child who enjoys or even a child who is nervous about the first day of school. Packed with accessories, the furnished school building will set your child’s mind as easy while allowing them to imagine what school might actually be like. This toy was designed for children ages four and older.

The Playmobil school has everything your child will need for the first day of pretend school. The two storey furnished building includes several different partitioned rooms featuring a classroom, a science room, an art-music room, a secretary office and even a boy’s and a girl’s lavatory!

While there is plenty of room for imagination in the Playmobil school, it is also a great educational tool to inspire young minds. Some of the accessories include fully functioning blackboards and a moveable hands clock. There is even a functioning recreational bell to so that your pupil can keep track of when lessons are over (batteries are not included). Other accessories include desks, books, computers a skeleton for the science room and no school would be complete without the pupils and teachers.

The Playmobil school is any child’s fantasy school building. With a red roof, decorated with plenty of bold primary colours and plenty of open space for play it is the perfect pretend school experience. Your child will be entertained for hours, and excited about school. All the features and accessories make this school house a great choice for all children ages four and older.

The Playmobil school dimensions are 78 x 39 x 41 cm (LxWxH). So it does require a bit of space. This toy is not appropriate for children under the age of four due to the possible danger of suffocation from small parts. The toy does require batteries for the recreation bell which are not included with the toy. There are also many additional accessories that you may purchase for an enhanced play acting experience.

November 21, 2010
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