Ocean In My Pocket Coral Reef

Ocean In My Pocket Coral Reef

Ocean In My Pocket Coral ReefOcean In My Pocket Coral Reef set is manufactured by Corinthian; this play set will appeal to both boys and girls. The Coral Reef play set features a fun ocean with starfish, plants and a fun slide for your little ones to slide the ocean creatures down. This set also includes Whale Mum Elsa with her three babies Ellie, Ethan and Edward. Your child will enjoy helping them to swim around the ocean adventure park that comes with the set. The whale babies can take turns on the swing and play on the merry-go-round. Under the clam shell your child will enjoy a see-saw to have the creatures play on.

The Ocean play set’s dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 cm; 998 g and it weighs 998 g. This item is suitable for ages 4 and up. Little hands enjoy small toys that are easy to hold and pretend with. Your child will love the ocean theme. This is a perfect gift for the holiday season that will be here soon. This interactive play set will keep your child engrossed for many hours and you are sure to enjoy playing with them. You may find your child developing a new interest in the ocean and the creatures that are found there. You may add other ocean life to your child’s coral reef set increasing their fun.

Watch your child’s creativity grow as they imagine all of the playful activities for the little baby whales to do. Listen to your child’s active imagination when the sea creatures begin talking to each other in your child’s voice. You may find yourself writing down some of what they invent to remember in their later years. It stores easily and will be a simple item to wrap up; it is bound to be a popular item this coming holiday season.

The Ocean In My Pocket Coral Reef set is a toy your child will enjoy for many years. It’s an item you are sure to receive many hugs for giving them this present.

November 8, 2010
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