Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly RevolutionFor those who want to start a revolution, there’s a brand new way to accomplish that, and have a fun time doing so. Monopoly Revolution does just what the title implies. This game has revolutionised how everyone plays a familiar game which has been a family favourite for generations.

Thanks to the modern age of technology, Monopoly Revolution has been taken to a whole new level, with an electronic twist. The use of electronics – and batteries – enable the player to actually hear the sounds of the game. It’s amazingly realistic, and a blast from the past. Music which seems to encompass the mood, sound effects, such as doors opening and closing, and other neat little bells and whistles make Monopoly Revolution an exciting game.

Money is now replaced with special cards which can be used for property purchases. This is a cool new addition. It’s a lot more compact and easier to make transactions in this updated game version. No more messy piles of cash cluttering the game table. These cards are somewhat like credit cards, and have a very modern feel to it.

Another cool aspect of this new version is the way they have changed the prices of title deeds to reflect today’s economy. This gives the game a more realistic view and feel. The rules of Monopoly Revolution are somewhat different now as well. For instance, the player no longer can collect money for landing on Free Parking. While this is not a deal breaker by any means, some players may find this to be somewhat of a flaw.

While some fans of the traditional Monopoly they grew up with may prefer the original, new generations of fans may actually find they prefer the revolutionised way best. Basically, it’s a matter of preference. For those who prefer tradition, the original may still rule. For others who love trying new experiences, Monopoly Revolution should not be overlooked. It’s fun, it’s different and it can enhance game play in several ways. It’s also a nice touch for the collector.

November 1, 2010
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