Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen

Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen

If you are looking for an educational and fun toy for young ones around 6 months and up then you should consider the Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen. This impressive toy comes from the respected and child-friendly brand of Fisher Price. This division of Mattel has extensive knowledge and experience with toys for children and have received countless positive reviews for their distinguished products.

Fisher Price’s Laugh and Learn Kitchen is designed for little ones to sit and play at a comfortable level. Made of soft plastic and lightweight blocks, this toy is safe for your small tyke. This kitchen resembles an adorable version of the real thing, and provokes creativity and intellectual fun in a compact size.

On the front door of this cute white kitchen is a welcoming, smiling face ready to learn with you. Under his charming smile is a red strip that contains the alphabet in brilliant colours, and a green add-on that has three shapes. Square, triangle and circle are cut out and the corresponding blocks fit easily into their spots. This helps teach your child these basic shapes and the dexterity to get them into their correct slots. There is also a soft and easy to grip blue handle that opens the door to fun.

On the back of this kitchen is a sink and stovetop with a pull down stove. This part of the kitchen is busy and provides tons of fun as little ones get a thrill out of cooking their own food. The oven door has an adorable smiling face and opens to a small, but realistic oven for baking fun. The mini stovetop fits a small pot that comes with this product, and the sink has a cute little faucet. These charming features are me-sized and fit their levels perfectly. Also included on the back is an on/off light switch that really does what it says. These unique features teach your child the basic mechanics of our world in a smaller version.

Open the door to this amusing kitchen and explore even more fun. Inside you will find hooks for utensils that are designed for small hands, and a small drawer that includes removable play food. These foods are full of color and are sortable for educational fun. Plus, when you open the door the inside light comes on, just like our adult version.

This kitchen also has 15 catchy songs that will even have you singing along. Delightful songs play as your child explores all of the stunning areas and pushes the soft buttons. With languages in English and French, your child has the opportunity to learn more than one way to communicate. The Laugh and Learn Kitchen by Fisher Price is an amazing toy that is perfect for anyone who wants to encourage creativity, laughter and fun.

November 11, 2010
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