Laugh and Learn Baby Grand Piano

Laugh and Learn Baby Grand Piano

Get your little one moving with the Laugh and Learn Baby Grand Piano. This amusing and educational toy is non-stop fun. Unlike other toys that have one or two features, this piano has plenty of lights, colours and sounds to keep those little ones laughing and rocking.

The Laugh and Learn Baby Grand Piano is targeted for little tykes around 13-36 months and has four sturdy legs in brilliant blue. This enables little tots to pull up and stand while enjoying the dazzling colours and sounds; thereby strengthening their legs and improving their balance. This product is made of soft plastic and the pieces are flexible allowing your baby to easily grab and understand texture differences.

The Laugh and Learn shapes and colours are pleasing and yet captivating; grabbing their attention and entertaining them for good stretches at a time. All babies and tots are amused by vivid lights and upbeat music, and this piano captures these qualities. The piano keys are bright and colourful and even have numbers on them to provoke counting and teach sequence. There are also pitch controls which allow your little tyke to switch from high to low and learn to recognise the difference between both. The piano also has an adorable songbook with easy to turn pages that are not only colourful, but also filled with fun and cheery songs. There is music and illumination wherever those little fingers go and they are sure to get a thrill from being able to create their very own music symphony.

This Laugh and Learn Piano also encourages movement from your little ones. Not only is the music foot tapping fun, but there is also a charming character on the top that moves and grooves when music is played. This encourages your tot to get moving and get grooving. This toy is a wonderful addition to your child’s learning and growing fun. With rave reviews and tons of fun, the Laugh and Learn Baby Piano is a must-have any time of the year.

November 18, 2010
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