Lalaloopsy Bitty Button Dolls

Lalaloopsy Bitty Button Dolls

Lalaloopsy (Bitty Button) Dolls; 10 sweet dolls with huge personalities. Lalaloopsy Dolls, or Bitty Button Dolls, are a top Christmas seller this year. They are wholesome dolls who come with a story about their creation, a great personality and a friend. Each wears an adorable outfit matching their personality.

Lalaloopsy Dolls are 13 inches tall, making them a perfect cuddle size. Although they look like rag dolls they are actually made out of plastic making them more durable. Their arms and legs are jointed allowing them to swing about as a rag doll would. There are ten Lalaloopsy dolls to choose from. Each Lalaloopsy Doll comes with a story about their creation and a pet.

Jewels Sparkles – was made from a real Princesses dress. She wears a hot pink crown in her cotton-candy-pink hair. Her friend is a pink Persian Cat.

Peanut Big Top – was made from a clown’s costume and has purple pigtails. She likes to tell jokes and her friend is a small lavender elephant.

Pillow Featherbed – was made from a baby’s blanket and wears footsie pajamas. Her purple ringlets are held back with a hot pink bow and her friend is a lamb.

Bea Spells-a-Lot – was made from a school uniform, has orange hair and loves to read with her owl friend.

Crumb Sugar Cookie – was made from a baking apron and loves to cook with her little mouse friend.

Mittens Fluff N’Stuff – was made from an Eskimos scarf and has blue hair. She loves snow and her pet polar bear.

Spot Splatter Splash – was made from a painter’s overalls. She is an artists with yellow pigtails and a striped horse.

Dot Starlight – was made from a space suit and wants to be an astronaut. Her friend is a red sparrow.

Sunny Side Up and Berry Jars and Jam – are twins made from the overalls of a farmer. Berry has hot pink hair and comes with a cow and Sunny has orange hair and comes with a chick.

These dolls are sweet and make wonderful friends. One is great and two are even better since friendship is what it is all about.

November 28, 2010
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