Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier

Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier

Fisher Price has always been a trusted, well-loved brand by both parents and children alike. Their excellent standards of quality and innovation shine through on their newest line of Imaginext toys, specifically designed for older kids who wish to continue the enjoyment of the legend that is Fisher Price.

That significant quality and care helped to create the Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier, perfectly suited for those kids who love to portray their favourite military hero fighting on the high seas. The Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier includes an aircraft carrier, two airplanes, two crew figurines with removable airman suits, two landing flags, and eight projectiles. Each aircraft can be used to represent the two opposing teams, both fighting to claim their space on the open sea. The red Hawks (or, the bad guys) attack the blue Rangers (or the good guys), in an effort to take down the ship. But the Rangers are prepared, collecting the projectiles that are shot into the “water”, and pulling the lever to rapid fire the buoys at the menacing attackers. The two activation disks work to expand the runway to prepare your troops for takeoff, or to activate the plane elevator, raising the planes to the deck where they’re docked and ready for action!

The aircraft carrier also features a door that opens and closes, a moveable anchor and crane arm, and an elevator for your crew figures to move up and down on the craft. Once playtime is over, conveniently store all of your accessories in the deck below, ready for your next air/sea adventure. No batteries required.

The Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier includes:

* 2 buoy blasters
* 8 disks
* 2 crew figures with removable airman suits
* 2 landing flags
* Satellite dish
* Crane

Dimensions: 61(l) x 33(w) x 56(h) cm
Colour: Grey

November 10, 2010
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