Chuck and Friends Rumblin Chuck

Chuck and Friends Rumblin’ Chuck

Chuck and Friends Rumblin’ Chuck is ready to have some fun. Your child will adore Tonka’s latest creation. Rumblin’ Chuck will get your child into an imaginative play zone for hours on end.

Children today do not get to use their imaginations enough. That is why it’s so important to give them toys that test them, that help them create a story, and that can change in an instant. No, Rumblin’ Chuck is not a Transformer, but he is certainly not against trying out another storyline at a moment’s notice.

See, Chuck can be a little ornery. In a good way though! He is his own little dump truck and he wants everyone around him to know it. For instance, he might be fully loaded up with timber that needs to be brought to the cabin in the woods, and you know what? Forget it. He wants to go to the beach instead. So he shakes until everything that has been loaded on has fallen off. It’s about time we get around to toys with attitude!

But do not worry, Rumblin’ Chuck doesn‘t play the imp all the time. When your child is ready for some nighttime reading, Chuck is ready to deliver. He comes with his own storybook that will wow the lads and lasses with his past adventures. Like any good piece of toy construction equipment, Rumblin’ Chuck loves reminiscing. But he loves creating new adventures with his new playmates!

Did you know that Rumblin’ Chuck talks? He does. He has over 50 phrases and sounds, and he is not afraid to speak up. He is a verbose little dump truck, and he is ready and excited to start going on adventures with your children.

Rumblin’ Chuck comes with his own storybook, and is suitable for ages 3 and up. He needs his 4 c batteries that are included, and that is it! He is ready to be your son or daughter’s new favourite toy.

November 29, 2010
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