Barbie Glam Jet Plane

Barbie Glam Jet Plane

Barbie has it all: great friends, Ken, a handsome house, and the best job in the world. Make life complete with the Barbie Glam Jet Plane.

For this girl, there is no second best. A first class cabin is where one will find Barbie, where seats for two friends are also found. This room can also convert into a fancy dining room if the plane’s full size kitchen decides to serve up something unresistable.

Comfort is taken to the extreme in this jet. It features reclining seats for both the pilot and passengers, night and day views through the windows, and almost everything is movable from the garbage can, to the magazine rack, to the cabinets.

Do not be fooled by all that pink, the Barbie Glamour Jet Plane is the real deal. It includes four realistic jet sounds such as take off and/or landing, the “ding” of the seat belt light, a soda fountain, as well as some tropical music to get vacationers in the mood. As if that were not enough, the plane also features a microphone for the captain’s announcements.

Destination? A fun-filled beach on the shores of paradise! The entire jet unfolds to reveal a tropical island. The back of the cabin is where the fun is at, complete with pool, water slide, and a couple lounge chairs to relax in.

The glam plane also comes with 40 accessories, some of which include serving meal trays, some luggage, beverage serving treys, two forks, knives, and spoons, water along with jug, soda, ice bucket with tongs, and ice dispenser, and assorted food items.

Three AA Alkaline batteries are required and included in the package, which are non-replacable. Some assembly is required, and the jet is for ages 3 and up. Warning: the product does contain small parts and may be a choking hazard for young children.

November 26, 2010
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