Toy Story Micro Scalextric

Toy Story Micro Scalextric

Toy Story Micro ScalextricScalextric, the worldwide leader in slot car racing, brings fun and excitement with its new 1/64 scale racing system. The Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 Race Set. This reduced version of a large 1/32-race track set is the perfect addition for any bedroom or small area. This race set is perfectly designed with accurate versions of your Toy Story favourites Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Younger racers will appreciate the speed of the cars while zipping down the 2-lane track on their way to the finish line. The power and super magna-traction magnet allows the cars to remain on the track and the fastest speeds.

Each set comes complete with track elevation designs and supports to recreate your favourite track design. Additional track sections include straight sections, curves, and a dangerous hairpin curve. Two racers can compete against each other successfully for hours of fun.

Each race set comes complete with:

• 2 Hand Throttles
• UK Power Transformer
• 6 Straight Sections
• 8 Curves
• 2 Track Loop Curve Sections
• 1 Straight Chicane Section
• 9″ Powerbase Terminal Section
• Woody 1/64 Car
• Buzz Lightyear 1/64 Car

Total Race Track Dimensions:

• 100 centimetres by 73 centimetres
• Track Length = 404 total centimetres

The young racers will enjoy preparing for ‘The Claw’ at Pizza Planet while bursting down the track trying to take the lead. While trying to maintain a top speed, racerss must look out for Sid’s Yard or face the consequences. For further stability, each Disney Pixar character can be removed from each car to increase speed and accuracy. The characters can be positioned separately. It is almost like have two different toys to have fun with.

Both youth racers and their parents will have hours of fun with this exciting and complete 1/64 racing set by Scalextric.

October 29, 2010
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