Sylvanian Families Woodland Bus

The Sylvanian Families Woodland Bus

Sylvanian Families Woodland BusThe woodland town of Sylvania may be quaint and homey, but they certainly aren’t behind the times. With the brand new Sylvanian Families Woodlad Bus Company’s double decker bus driven by Stan Butler (figure not included), all the forest animals in Sylvania will be able to travel around town easily and make all their appointments and visits right on time.

With room for as many as 20 Sylvanian animals to ride on board, this bus is a perfect addition to any Sylvanian Families collection. It also comes with a bus stop sign, picnic tables and benches, a picnic hamper complete with food, and a pull-out awning for those hot, sunny days in Sylvania.

Perhaps with the new buses running through town, father Darcy Field Mouse won’t need to get out his red vintage sports car to drive to work every morning, and mother Kate Periwinkle Rabbit won’t need to pack the kids in the blue family car whenever they want to go on a picnic.

The local woodland bus is bound to add convenience to the lives of everyone in Sylvania, and it sure will be fun for everyone to ride around town together, or share a picnic in a clearing in the woods with all their family and friends.

The animals can climb the steps to the top deck of the bus and enjoy the beautiful view of Sylvania as they ride across town to their various destinations.

The Sylvanian Families woodland bus comes with a carrying handle which makes it the perfect toy for children to take along on holidays and trips to Grandad and Grandma’s house.

The manufacturer recommends this toy for children aged 4 years and up.

October 30, 2010
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