Paper Jamz Guitar

Paper Jamz Guitar

One of the hottest toys for this Christmas season promises to be the Wow Wee company’s Paper Jamz Guitar series. These toys are designed to look and sound like their famous, 6 stringed real rock counterparts. The guitars are made of a sturdy flat cardboard that is embedded with special circuits. These circuits allow the guitar to make authentic sounds and play music as the piece is strummed by the new rock star.

Each guitar features 3 modes, perfect play, rhythm play, and freestyle. Perfect play allows the user to play any one of 3 preloaded songs by simply strumming the guitar. Rhythm play allows the user to test their real guitar skills by trying to play along with one of the 3 song’s rhythms, and freestyle lets your child rock out to their own music. These pieces are wireless and require no assembly, which makes them easy for anyone to use. The guitars have built in mini speakers as well as a headphone jack, that will allow your little Jimmy Hendrix to perfect their craft without the whole family being exposed to practice. You can also purchase Paper Jamz amplifiers and drum sets to complete the band.

Paper Jamz has released a series of 5 guitars, each featuring 3 unique songs to play along with. There are various styles of rock represented by each guitar. Guitar 6 of the series features a country theme with The Eagles’ ‘Take it to the Limit’, while Guitar 4 has a punk flavour, showcasing Blitzkreig Bop.

The lightweight, wireless style makes them easy for all to use, and extremely affordable compared to the authentic Fender Strat. Paper Jamz are already flying of the shelves and selling out at various online retailers, so if you plan on giving them as a Christmas gift, now may be the time to buy.

October 9, 2010
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