Nerf NStrike Deploy CS6

Nerf NStrike Deploy CS6

Nerf N Strike Deploy CS6The Nerf brand NStrike Deploy CS6 is a dart shooting blaster gun made by the Hasbro corporation. The NStrike Deploy CS6 features a pump-handle blaster that converts to flashlight and back, a blaster with a flashlight, a carry strap, a one quick-reload clip, six Clip-System darts and instructions.

While the standard clip can only hold up to six darts at a time, the NStrike Deploy CS6 is also compatible with clips that can hold up to thirty five darts. The NStrike Deploy CS6 also features two different modes. The 1st mode being the blaster and the 2nd being a flashlight mode. Transforming from the stealth flashlight mode to the blaster involves pushing a button labeled “deploy” located on the carrying handle.

Basically, the clip flips over to the left side changing the grip section into the blaster. The backside of the briefcase comes forward into whats known as the stock position. This position reveals both the trigger and gun handle. The actual flashlight portion continues to function as such and the handle features a hole that can be used as a scope. It converts back to stealth mode by rotating the clip back into its original position, folding the trigger and gun handle back and pressing the release button on the side of the blaster to let the stock be pushed back in.

Made of plastic, the NStrike has the look of a souped up briefcase due to its pump-action slide and dock to insert a Streamline Clip. The blaster comes in the classic yellow based colour scheme that has been a trademark color for Nerf blasters. It is also decorated with fragments of both black and orange with some pieces of gray mixed in.

The Nerf NStrike Deploy CS6 is recommended for children from ages 6 to 20 years old. Choking hazards include a marble, small parts and uninflated or broken balloons. The gun requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included) which powers on a red targeting light up in the front. The NStrike Deploy CS6’s dimensions measure out at 3.5 x 17.2 x 10.2 inches and weighs in at 3.2 pounds.

October 7, 2010
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