Moon Dough Barn

Moon Dough Barn

Moon Dough Big BarnMoon Dough Barn is the latest product offered by Spin Master Toys UK. It’s recommended for children 3 years old and up. It joins the toymaker’s creative play product line that includes Moon Dough Pan Pizza and Moon Dough Double Tub.

The Importance of Play

Children play and learn at the same time. Toys, no matter what kind, should engage all five senses if possible. As they play, they take in information, organise it, and use it to solve problems. The importance of play for cognitive development cannot be underestimated.

Sometimes adults feel a need to ‘correct’ children’s play, but this should be discouraged. For example, if a child is moulding a horse or cow and the adult knows the legs of the animal will not hold, it is best to let the child discover this on his or her own. This not only aids cognitive development, but emotional development as well.

What the Moon Dough Barn Offers

The Moon Dough Barn falls into the creative play category of toys. Because a child can construct his or her own storyline, a sense of accomplishment often occurs during and after play. Children benefit when they are allowed to craft playtime on their own.

The Moon Dough Barn gives a child the chance to mould a horse, chicken, cow, or sheep. It also comes with a hay bale mould and a playmat. Three different colours of dough are included. The modeling dough won’t dry out or stick to carpets or clothing. There’s also enough dough to make approximately six animals of each kind.

The modeling dough used is similar to play dough, but has more of a sand base. It’s easy for small hands to squish and pull apart, and will offer hours of fun.

October 22, 2010
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