Mattel Mindflex

Mattel Mindflex

Mattel MindflexAges 8 +
Batteries not included, required 2 AAA Alkaline, 4 C Alkaline
15.8 x 6 x 10.5 inches; 4.4 pounds

The Mattel Mindflex game comes pre-assembled. It includes a headset which has sensors for the forehead and earlobes, which are used to measure your brain activity. The game also includes four foam balls, and various obstacles the player uses to set up an array of courses to “mentally” move the balls through. The obstacles included hurdles, hoops, and even a teeter totter. The game has a number of settings for different types of play, including speed challenges and obstacle challenges. Each challenge successfully completed is worth points to that player.

The Mattel Mindflex is a mesmerising game which allows you to move a ball through thought-provoking obstacle courses using only your mind. Floating above the game board, the ball is carried on a stream of air. The headset measures frontal lobe (brain) activity, and uses the wave activity to move the ball. Concentration and relaxation of one’s mind is the key to moving the ball successfully through the maze. The headset senses stress in the left frontal lobe causing the ball with drop, a relaxed frontal lobe allows the ball to move. The player moves dials with their hands to guide the levitating ball through the maze. This is a great game for any lover of brain teasers, and the ability to change the courses makes this a game that will not become quickly dull. Parents of ADHD, as well as parents of autistic children gave the game rave reviews for holding their child’s attention for longer than 5 minutes. In addition, behavioural psychiatrists all report this game increases frontal lobe activity in all children, increasing their concentration.

The Mattel Mindflex may be challenging for some, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives with this toy. Using a combination of physical and mental coordination, this toy is fascinating and challenging simultaneously. The rewards of this game go beyond the game board, and into the home and school.

October 30, 2010
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