Liv Its My Nature Dolls

Liv It’s My Nature Dolls

These beautiful dolls are a must have for your Christmas list for 2010. Along with the original 4 dolls that came out last year: Daniela, Sophie, Katie, Alexis; they now have a new friend Hayden. These dolls capture little girl’s hearts and are bought for the 5 + age range.

The dimensions of these charming dolls are 33.0 x 6.4 x 20.3 cm. Each of the dolls has truly amazing lifelike eyes and come fully poseable with a wig that is stylish or can be cut depending your young lady’s taste. They are dressed in lovely Autumn fashions. Each doll comes with its own individual accessories for hours of imaginative play. These dolls will stir your child’s creativity as well as role play and interaction with their new found friends. Each doll is unique in itself has her own hobby or activity that she does.

Katie is the sports enthusiast and loves her sports. Sophie is the fashion diva and she is all about style and the latest fashions and trends. Daniela is destined to be a star with her friends and she loves to be center stage be it acting, singing, dancing she is diva all the way. Alexis is perfect with her friend Sophie in that fashion is her game and giving fashion advice to her friends, dreaming of a clothing empire of her own design. Hayden the brand new friend in the mix is the animal lover. She is in her element outdoors and has a compassionate nature and love for any and all animals.

Make these dolls a must for your 2010 Christmas list. They are going to be HOT on the scene this year. All little girls will dream of having them for playtime. Make her eyes sparkle with her new found friends that will give her hours of interactive and wonderful playtime. Encourage her individuality through these lovely and inspiring dolls. Mums just might get in on the party and become little girls again themselves.

October 27, 2010
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