Kung Zhu Special Forces

Kung Zhu Special Forces

Kung Zhu Special Forces gives an area of play that is virtually limitless to creativity and imagination. Created for the ages 4 and up category, these toys give hours of endless fun with strategy planning and ongoing battles. There are 4 Special Forces Army hamsters ready for your battles.

Rivet Duke is complete with batteries included and ready to do battle. Mossy, grayish green, with lighter paws and a special star stamped on his back, a soldier, he is ready to battle with his other hamster buddies. Sgt. Serge has his own special neon green colouring with golden paws and mouth and his star is different in colour and has stripes indicating rank are above his eyes. Rock’O is your next special forces hamster and beige in colour with brown feet ears and tail. He boasts special markings on his back and between his eyes and is known as the brain of the group with his specialty being technological expertise and battle communications. Stonewall is your last character in the line-up of good guys. He is black in colour with royal blue for his paws and ears. He sports a special blue star above his eyes and another emblem embossed on his back. He also comes with batteries and a poster to make him a special addition to the troop.

The dimensions are the same for all the above hamster forces and are: 2.6 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches. These little furry guys have the famous smart chip that all Zhu Zhu pets have, but can be trained to be the little warriors they are created to be. Accessories for these little guys are limitless depending on the battleground you want to create. Check out the opposing side to purchase as well. Dads can become little boys and guide their child in hours of play and battle. Sparking both the creative and the imaginary, hours of none stop fun lay ahead.

Fantastic HOT item for your 2010 Christmas wish list, both parent’s and children’s eyes will sparkle when you place these little guys under your tree. Sense the excitement and be drawn into their magical little worlds for the holidays.

October 20, 2010
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