Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster

Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster

Imaginext Bigfoot the MonsterThe Imaginext Big Foot the Monster comes preassembled. The toy includes the remote control, a leafy snack, and a ball. The remote control can be used to control his movement as he walks backward and forward and flips. The remote control also has buttons to control his mood, or emotions. Children can make him cheerful, mad, or sleepy. Two additional buttons put the Imaginext Big Foot into play mode, with exercise and ball settings. Capable of a variety of speech, Big Foot laughs, says “play”, and snores when he sleeps.

Imaginext Big Foot the Monster is a great toy for younger children. They will be enthralled as he walks, and does back flips. When in exercise mode, Big Foot inspires physical participation as he lifts weights and does somersaults. Eventually he will tire of the workout and say “No more”. When he is in sleep mode children are able to use the remote to listen to his dreams. There are three interactive controls on the Imaginext Big Foot. There is a button on his stomach that makes him laugh, the button on his hand makes him want to toss the ball, and the button on his mouth makes him chew and then burp (yes, he says excuse me). He can also sing and dance. The buttons on Big Foot, and on the remote control, will play different sounds if they are held down. The remote buttons are easy to use, and younger children will have no difficulty in making Big Foot flip or somersault again and again. Buttons are labelled with symbols, so there is no reading required.

Children will easily befriend Imaginext’s Bigfoot the Monster. Playing ball, exercising, eating and sleeping will keep any younger child’s attention for hours. With over 80 different actions and poses, this is a toy children will love.

Ages 3-8
Batteries included one 9.6 Volt NiMH rechargeable battery and charger.
Batteries not included 2 AA Alkaline for remote.
Dimensions: 6.5 x 14.5 x 12.3 inches; 9 pounds

October 28, 2010
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