FurReal Go Go My Walkin Pup

FurReal Go Go My Walkin Pup

FurReal Go Go My Walkin PupCome home to Go Go My Walkin’ Pup!, Hasbro has discovered the perfect solution for dog lovers who simply do not have the time to properly love a dog. As we all know having a pet, especially a dog, is tough work. It’s practically on the same lines as a child depending on what age the dog is. Nonetheless, it is a big job caring for a dog. That’s why Hasbro invented their version of man’s best friend: Go Go My Walking Pup.

GoGo is from a family of toys created by Hasbro known as FurReal Friends. His siblings consist of an array of critters and creatures from hedgehogs to bears. All of which have been shrunken down to an appropriate size for children and are super-duper soft! Go Go as well as many of the other FurReal friends are actually somewhat interactive. With fresh batteries GoGo will go-go all day and night, or as long as his switch is on. Barking, running, playing and jumping, GoGo will fill your home and your heart with love.

Go Go My Walkin’ Pup is suggested for children ages four and up and includes four ”C” batteries upon purchase. GoGo is a plush, electronic puppy that will wag his tail and bark little nips of enjoyment as you stroll through the bark or play fetch in the family room. GoGo weighs an incredibly light 4.5 pounds and stretches to only seventeen inches long by thirteen inches tall by nine inches wide, which incidentally makes him a perfect size for a tote your shoulder bag. He will be able to go everywhere with you, and be as quiet as you want him to be with a simple flick of a switch.

GoGo is uniquely designed to recognise when he comes into contact with a person. He will wag his tail and bark to display his affectionate excitement. Pet his head and watch him rotate it lovingly as you caress him. He will love you so much you’ll forget that you can actually take his batteries out. He is Go Go My Walkin’ Pup and he is anxiously waiting for your return home.

October 14, 2010
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