Barbie Transforming Lead Doll

Barbie Transforming Lead Doll

Barbie Transforming Lead Doll The Barbie Transforming Lead Doll by MATTEL is from the movie, “Barbie A Fashion Fairytale.” Starring as herself, Barbie is dressed in a fashionable fabulous fashion show “princess dress” outfit that changes and transforms into a high fashion “party couture dress.” When the button on Barbie’s waist is pressed, several lights on her bodice magically light up and another feature of this is the music that plays as well. Music is taken from the movie’s fashion show finale.

Barbie’s princess dress is a fuchsia pink. The fuchsia tulle is the top layer of the dress with silver star accents creating a very princess like look and feel. Her top also matches the tulle and has silver star accents as well. The other layers are shades of pink that gradient from a medium pink to a pale pink.

To transform Barbie’s dress to her party couture dress, one just needs to fold down the top of the princess dress and turn the skirt inside out to reveal the dress. It’s a pale pink satin dress that is strapless with fuchsia beads and silver trim along the waist and neckline. Barbie’s hair is its signature platinum up and is swept in a high ponytail with side swept bangs. She also dons an elegant silver necklace and silver studs.

This doll requires 4 AG13 batteries which are included for the toy. It is recommended that this toy be given only to children the three and up. This doll does not come with a stand and cannot stand alone. There is no assembly required with this product. The product dimensions are 22.9 x 32.4cm; 431 g. The boxed product weight is approximately 871 g.

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Doll Is a doll created after the popular movie with the same name. The doll lets your child continue the magic when the movie is over. This Barbie comes with the classic facial features and has medium length blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. The doll comes in a stunning hot pink coloured formal gown that is embellished with many small twinkling stars and sequins. The dress has a fitted bodice section wrapped with a silver belt at the waist. The full skirt is actually created from three different layers of fabric in a tiered fashion.

The silver belt is actually a button that when pressed makes Barbie’s bodice light up and plays the theme from the movie. The layered design of the dress also allows your child to change it into a different style by folding a few sections. The top area can fold down and the skirt can be turned to create an entirely new outfit that is a light pink couture dress. This dress has a satiny finish and has the bodice waist and top edge trimmed in tiny pink sequins. Barbie also wears a decorative silver necklace and has a deep pink flower adorning her hair.

The original gown in hot pink has a top layer made of a netting material that has the various sequins attached to it. The three underlying layers include the first layer in hot pink, the second layer in a medium pink and the bottom layer in a sparkling type of metallic fabric in pastel pink. This Barbie is the standard twelve inch size and is not intended to be used by children under three years of age. She has movable arms, legs and head and also comes with shoes. This doll is one of several created in the Fairytale line.

October 17, 2010
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