ArmouronArmouron is a series of toys and play armour that go along with the story of the Armouron Knights. The Armouron Knights were once an ancient form of law enforcers who acted as diplomats throughout the entire universal galaxy. The armour these knights wore protected them against damage and enhanced their fighting skills and defence abilities. But after a series of intergalactic wars, Armouron Knights are basically extinct. The armour these knights once wore are now scattered across the world. Kids all over the world need to suit up and fight as the Armouron Knights once did.

If you or your child wants to train to become an Armouron Knight, they have to get some Armouron armour. This special, wearable armour is designed and created to be extremely durable yet very comfortable to wear. Each piece of Armouron comes with a little snapperon which connects the armour pieces together to create one full body of armour. This unique style of snapping the different pieces together allows you or your child to mix and match different pieces to create a uniquely different set of armor for each child.

Accessories that are sold to add-on to your Armouron are available. The possibilities of customising your armour are completely endless. The snapperon’s are available in either silver or gold colouring.

Armouron armour won a top prize in the 2010 UK Toy Convention. The armour is available in both red and blue colours with additional accessories available to add. Additional accessories can include wings, spikes, flames, helmets, and swords. Armouron is very flexible and comfortable for your child to wear while being very durable and resistant to damage. The armour is more suitable for children who are 105-135cm tall. Many children who fully enjoy playing while wearing Armouron armour are between the ages of three and seven. You or your child will have loads of fun playing as a robotic and futuristic knight either inside the home or outside with friends.

October 29, 2010
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