Toy Story 3 Lotso Huggin Bear

Lotso Huggin Bear

Lotso Huggin BearThe Lotso Huggin’ Bear is very soft and is also a pink teddy bear. He is a well known character from the movie Toy Story 3. This toy has arms and legs that are posable. One of the greatest features of this lovable teddy is that he smells just like strawberries. When you tickle Lotso’s foot he will begin to laugh. When you squeeze his hand he will say his signature phrase. Lotso is capable of responding to your voice and has over 45 different sayings for you to hear.

This toy is recommended for children who are ages four and older. There are two double A batteries that are included and required to operate The Lotso Huggin’ Bear. Beyond his beautiful smell of strawberries, he is also made primarily of polyester. Lotso measures 20 inches in height and is imported.

Lotso is a bear toy that came out during the 1980’s. The toy was brought back to life by the Toy Story 3 movie that recently just came out in cinemas. Parent’s can now remember the times they had as a child when they had Lotso as a best friend to confide in. Now their children will be able to enjoy memories with Lotso just as their parents did. Imagine sitting at the table with your child and Lotso. You child talks about the many adventures they have together and you go back to your memories when you where a friend of Lotso.

This is the perfect gift for either a boy or a girl. It is out just in time for Christmas and is sure to make an excellent gift for any child this Christmas 2010 holiday season.

September 30, 2010
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