WowWee Rovio Robot

WowWee Rovio Robot

Rovio RobotThe WowWee Rovio robot is the new product in home surveillance with a twist. This robot is wifi enabled with remote control and a robotic web cam. It has 3 wheels and it can interact with the environment like a well trained watch dog. This robot can locate objects and navigate through any environment. It has wheels that can travel in any direction.

The Wowwee rovio robot can store locations in its memory. It has built in LED lights that can be used to light the way when all of the lights are out. This robot has a self docking station to recharge its own batteries. The owner can use a web browser to navigate the robot anywhere around the home.

The Rovio robot is a home surveillance tool with remote streaming video and audio transmission through internet to your cell phone, PC or game console. This device has a built in camera and North Star smart navigation. This robot is autonomous; it can navigate on its own with stored memory. It has a GPS system, a North Star navigational and positioning system. The Rovio robot is self aware, and it comes with a rechargeable battery, a 1x speaker, 1x built in microphone and webcam, usb and wifi connectivity. It runs on windows vista or windows XP. This robot retails for about £200.

When you are away on holiday or you want to give your pets a little companionship while you are gone, then the Wowwee rovio robot is the best way to do that. The dimensions of this robot are: 12×6.5×13.5” and it weighs about 7.4 pounds. The processor needed for this device to operate is a Pentium 4 processor or above and it is PC compatible.

December 20, 2009
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