The Logo Board Game by Drumond Park

The Logo Board Game

The Logo Board GameOur eyes see thousands of logos a day. From food to clothing, sports to household cleaning supplies, brands try to create logos that are memorable and that people will identify with their product. The Logo Board Game challenges your knowledge about the logos that we encounter on a daily basis. You’ll be amazed how many you can identify! Players move around the board by correctly answering trivia questions or questions based on pictures of logos and products that we see everyday. The first player to answer a question correctly in the Winning Zone wins the game! Questions are up to date and based on popular products sold throughout the UK and internationally. A great game for the entire family!

Examples of questions include:
What four letters famously emblazoned the T-shirts from French Connection?
What does TSB stand for, which merged with Lloyds bank in 1995?
Which small, round, lilac-colored sweets are made by Swizzles Matlow?
Which brand of battery has the copper-coloured end?
Which major food company has a bird’s nest with a mother bird and her two chicks as its logo? And many, many more!

This game is fun and easy for everyone in the family to learn how to play. The Logo Board Game will quickly become a Family Game Night favorite!

The Logo Board Game can be played with 2-6 players. The game is recommended for adults and children ages 12 and older. The box contains the game board and 400 cards with 1600 questions. Product weight is 1.2 Kg.

December 9, 2009
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