Sylvanian Families The Toy Shop

Sylvanian Families The Toy Shop

Sylvanian Families The Toy ShopThe delightful Sylvanian Families The Toy Shop is full of toys for the little pretend shopper to buy. The toy shop measures 25x25x16.5 cm and holds eight miniature houses with 15 pieces of miniature furniture to fill the houses. Included are many other accessories to spark the imagination. You will find over 30 pieces; the small figures are not included.

Any four year old will find the Sylvanian Families The Toy Shop just right for hours of make believe and will love fixing the little houses with the many different pieces of furniture and accessories. When playtime ends, you can store the toyshop pieces in the display case until the next playtime.

Add the Sylvanian Families Toy Shop to the other Sylvanian Families collection. The Sylvanian Families, The Toy Shop gives the four year old an opportunity for healthy mind development as they use their imagination and vocal storytelling while playing.

The toyshop is sturdy and built for years of constructive use. A great way for mum or dad to teach the little one about cooperation, sharing, and creative role playing; a time when parent and child can interact and have fun together playing make believe. The miniature pieces are unique in design and colour and fit nicely in the durable display case for easy clean up. It makes a wonderful add-on for the town of Sylvanian; no town should be without its own toyshop. You can go online and shop today for your purchase of the Sylvanian Families, The Toy Shop.

December 5, 2009
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