Playmobil Police Headquarters 4264

Playmobil Police Headquarters 4264

Playmobil Police HeadquartersThere’s nothing more exciting than watching a bandit break away from a police officer’s grip! Watch your child enjoy the Playmobil Police Headquarters 4264 where suspects are held for questioning, visitors can greet police officers, and criminals are held in jail cells. The set is complete with three different rooms and includes a real locking cell, a breakout window and a breakout wall. The only thing your child needs for a complete jailbreak scene is his or her imagination! The Playmobil Police Headquarters is also set up with opening entrance doors, 2 police figures and 1 criminal figure, reception area seating, a storage wall of police weaponry and equipment, restroom facilities, and more!

The set’s dimensions are: 23.6 x 4.9 x 19.7 inches and weighs approximately 5.7 pounds. The set is complete with over 290 pieces and wipes away clean with soap and water. Because of small pieces, this toy is recommended for kids ages 4 years and up. The set is also compatible with other Playmobil sets and accessories.

The Playmobil brand promotes imaginative, hands-on, creative type play and all sets have the ability come apart for assembly and disassembly to adjust to your child’s imagination.

Developmental benefits of this set include: physical, verbal, logical, musical, spatial, intrapersonal, and interpersonal learning development making it a benefit both a parent and the child.

With the Playmobil Police Headquarters your child can be the bad guy, book a bad guy, or plan different jailbreak scenarios all while using their mind for imaginative play and learning!

December 2, 2009
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