Scalextric Digital Overdrive Set

Scalextric Digital Overdrive Set

Scalextric Digital Overdrive SetAs a four-car lane switching performance racing set, the Scalextric Digital Overdrive set comes with two digital chip Ferrari 430 cars, red and silver. All four cars can race simultaneously and with an additional purchase of the powerbase upgrade, Advanced Six Car Digital Powerbase, which is compatible with the standard track two more cars can be added. This race track is a rectangular circuit with a track length of 488cm. The total space required for the Scalextric Digital Overdrive set is 186cm x 130cm.

With the capability of lane switching and magnetic hold multi-car racing, this feature provides several hours of fun and entertainment more so than a regular one-lane-only race track. This track is recommended for children eight years and older. The body of each car is made of damage resistant material for those who enjoy hard racing. This track comes with two digital hand throttles and a digital four car power base along with six standard straight track and eight standard 45 degree curve track, one straight lane change track, and border assemblies: two half straight, four R2 curves, one left and hand one right hand lead in. The transformer is a 15V four AMP DC.

Additional digital cars are available for sale as well as the capability to convert most standard cars to run on this digital track. Accessories for this track are available such as the Digital Lap Counter, Digital Pit Lane Game and additional track. The hand-held controllers also allow precision breaking allowing great curve handling and pass performance.

Reviews state that the Scalextric Digital Overdrive set does require proper handling with the throttle and break so it is not recommended for children under eight years old. Without proper control and patience while racing as younger children tend to show, the cars may fly off the track as it passes a curve.

November 26, 2009
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