Sally Doll By Zapf Collection

Sally Doll By Zapf Collection

Sally DollEvery little girl enjoys dolls and the blonde, cute ones are among their favorites. At all times little girls will prefer a doll instead of any other type of toy and this is why Zapf has developed the Sally Toddler Doll, a top 12 girls toy for Christmas 2009 picked by the Toy Retailers Association.

The Sally Doll is a soft bodied toddler doll that has 63 cm height and beautiful life size authenticity. It has a nice blonde hair, made from nylon and there are plenty of accessories available for it. The little girl can dress Sally in a trendy outfit that is very suitable for an elegant little companion like this.

Sally’s outfit includes a glitter print top and ballerina shoes that match a white skirt. It is the perfect gift that your little daughter will love to cuddle and nurture all day long. Sally Doll is suitable for girls aged 3+.

Sally can be bought with brunette hair as well and there are plenty of outfits and accessories you can buy for her as well. Among these we can count the blue jeans, a flower print dress in a black jacket and riding clothes and accessories.

For Christmas, you can choose to dress Sally in a jeans skirt, stripped leggings, pink boots as well as a scarf that match the leggings. You can even buy her together with her companion Sam, for even more fun.

Sally and Sam can be dressed according to any occasion and for every type of activity. The imagination of the little girl will flourish if she will have Sally Dolls as play companions. They are the perfect gift for any birthday, Christmas or just as a gift for no reason at all but pure joy.

Zapf Creation is the leading European brand producer of functional and play dolls and they include an extensive range of accessories that delight the girls who are aged three to eight years.

November 5, 2009
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