Playmobil Pyramid 4240

Playmobil Pyramid 4240

Playmobil PyramidThe Playmobil Pyramid, for ages 5 and up, has many exciting features such as collapsible stairs, trap-door with slide, secret chute, Pharaoh’s Tomb, and a rotary secret chamber. Additions to the Pyramid which are available are the Sphinx, Temple and Ship including many figures and accessories. Playmobil’s high quality also provides many add-ons to the Playmobil Pyramid.

Many reviews have stated that it is one of the most intricate and well engineered Playmobil sets. The best feature noted is the multitude of moving parts. With proof of purchase, a CD is available for free with only purchase of a stamp. The reviews from children, which are most important, reflect that the Playmobil Pyramid is a long-term toy for entertainment. Children become bored with some games after a period of time; however the Playmobil Pyramid has received great reviews from the children stating that there are so many items, gadgets, tricks to defeat the grave robber, many urns with historically appropriate lids, a skeleton inside the mummy within the sarcophagus, two levels of tricks and gadgets, secret passageways opened with an amulet key, scorpion trap, and a multitude of accessories and parts to add for more fun and excitement.

Adult’s reviews also remark that the manufacturing of the game is safe for children to use, especially in regard to the fact that there is no lead in the paint used on the game. Ratings have shown a great portion of reviews at 5 out of 5 for a top review. One minor complaint was noted regarding the side panels of the pyramid being slightly difficult to remove and re-install as there are no connecting parts that would make insertion easy.

The game does not require batteries, is assembled with the help of an adult, provides education inspiration for the child due to the accuracy of historical design and also develops fine motor skills and creative thinking. The Playmobil Pyramid dimensions are: 20.6 ” x 20.6″ x 13.7″.

November 18, 2009
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