Playmobil Pony Farm 4190

Playmobil Pony Farm 4190

Playmobil Pony FarmThe Playmobil Pony Farm is available for children ages 4 and up and can be added with the Playmobil Horse Trailer and Playmobil Horse Washing Station as well as many accessories and figures. Some items the set includes are: a wheel barrel, kitten, rakes, jumping posts, grooming brushes, fencing, a ladder, three figures and three ponies as well as many other gadgets such as trees, flags and three stalls with gates.

There is a section for refreshments, grooming and the fencing provides a ring for the horses so the child can imagine many different activities and exercise for the horses and figures. The entire farm is open for ease of play, approximately fifty accessories, bay loft, and ability for a great amount of creative space and storage area for supplies.

Overall appearance has been rated in the top as the colours are bright and cheery. Dimensions are: 54cm x 12.5cm x 26cm with a boxed weight of 7kg. Reviews reflect a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Most adults recommend pre-assembly as it takes about one to two hours to completely set up. Due to the small parts included that may be a choking hazard, suggestions submitted by adults, with varying children’s ages within their household, recommended the Playmobil Pony Farm set be placed on top of a table or area whereby the younger children cannot reach or only purchasing if children within the household are older than four. A few adults had suggested that the extremely small parts be simply put away until the choking hazard age of their siblings has ended. Another aspect of the Playmobil Pony Farm and suggestions by a few adults is to pick the unit up from the bottom when transporting because if the roof is used, it tends to come apart.

The assembly is a one time occurrence and the farm provides the child with equestrian dreams many hours of fun-filled and creative play.

November 22, 2009
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