Play-Doh Ice Cream Shoppe

Play-Doh Ice Cream Shoppe

Play-Doh Ice Cream ShoppeThe Play-Doh Ice Cream Shoppe is a great way for kids to create and share one of their favorite treats. The kit comes with everything a child will need to make all kinds of ice cream themed desserts including a soft serve style ice cream dispenser and sundae cups.

The dispenser can be used to fill the cones with swirls of ice cream, and then complete it with homemade play-doh sprinkles and hot fudge. If they are in the mood for something other than ice cream, they can also decorate a cake or create a parfait topped with strawberries, whipped cream and even make a cherry to put on top!

The colourful play-doh can be swirled together to make colourful cones. Just fill it up with your favorite coloured play-doh and press to make swirls of ice cream. Use the crank to make sprinkles to put on top, and you have a tasty treat. What better way to spend an afternoon that working in a pretend ice cream shop! Children can create their own treats and serve them to friends and family for hours of fun. They can even use the ice cream scoop to pretend they are scooping up orders!

The kit includes 4 cans of play-doh, 2 ice cream cones, a parfait cup, a dish, spoons, a cake for decorating, and lots of molds to make pretzels, cookies, candies and much more to top off their delicious treats. Product Dimensions: 3.9 X 12.4 X 8.9 inches. 2.9 lbs.

November 6, 2009
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