Lego City Garage

Lego City Garage

Lego City GarageLego’s are always a huge with with both boys and girls alike. The Lego City Garage is no exception. The kit comes with Lego pieces needed to make an office building, workshop, and the garage. It also has three vehicles, 4 mini figures, and other accessories.

The fun starts with building the garage. As usual Lego provides the easy to follow directions needed to build the buildings and the vehicles. Once the garage is built, you can build the heavy duty tow truck to bring in vehicles that need repair. The crane and tools included in the set are great for imaginative play. Kids love to use the crane, and the auto lift to check underneath the cars.

One of the best things about Lego’s is the moving parts. With a platform that really lifts, and doors and gates that slide, your kids can feel like they are really doing the work. It is fairly easy to put together, and some of the older children may be able to do good part of it themselves. Since Lego City Garage has many different pieces, even the younger ones can do parts of it on their own.

This set is a great addition to any Lego collection. It allows kids to use their imagination, and can provide for hours of fun. You can combine it with other Lego city sets to create even more.

The box measures 29.9 X 4.1 X 14.9 and weighs 4.1 pounds. Overall another great set from Lego that any child will enjoy playing with.

November 8, 2009
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