Keytweens Adventure Playsets

Keytweens Adventure Playsets

The Bandai Company offers a magical adventures with their Keytweens Adventure Playsets. The preface for adventures begin with four inseparable friends discovering magical keys in an enchanted garden. They learn the keys open secret doors in a mysterious ancient house, and venturing through these doors transports them to magical fun adventures in faraway lands. This secret binds the friends and is the beginning of many adventurous travels.

Each adventure playset transports you to other lands – China, Africa, Australia, the Artic North Pole, and India. Each comes with a case that opens with an enclosed magical key. Cases when opened become colourful sets depicting each specific adventure land and include accessories. The China playset is a foldaway Chinese scene, with a magic key, an adventure doll, pet panda, tea set, and lantern. For Africa, the adventure includes the African scene, magic key, adventure doll, monkey, binoculars, and camera. The Chinese, African and Australian playsets are considered the small adventure playsets and are recommended for ages three and up.

The Indian Palace Adventure set is the midsized set. This set includes the Indian Palace scene, 8 cm. adventure doll, magic key, elephant, lamp, pitcher, cups, treasure chest, snake in a basket, flute, and swing. Props for a journey to an Indian castle.

For a large size playset, try the Polar adventure set. At the North Pole, this playset scenery is of the Artic. An igloo opens to a living area, there’s a water pool to fish in, and lots of animals. The set includes a magic key, adventure doll, husky dog, and accessories for an Artic exploration.

China and Africa Adventure Playsets dimensions: 70 x 250 x 220 cm; 100 g
Boxed wt 440 g for China and 459 g for Africa
World Polar/Artic Adventure Playset Boxed wt 1.1 Kg

November 14, 2009
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