H.M. Armed Forces Figures

H.M. Armed Forces Figures

H.M. Armed Forces Figures, by Character Options, in conjunction with and endorsed by the Military of Defense, are current in depicting today’s armed forces. Each branch (Army, NAVY & RAF) has three 10″ scale action figures with weapons and accessories. Three vehicles, one for each branch, are available. A total of 32 toys make up the range which includes enemy figures.

A British Army Infantryman, armoured infantryman, and army mortar man represent the Army. Each, in combat camo, have a variety of weapons and accessories. Wt. averages .4 to .6 Kg. Division’s vehicle is the British Army Tactical Battle Tank (H 21cm x W 21.5 cm x D 48 cm & Wt 2.407 Kg), which has working tracks, opening hatches, spring-powered gun, and space for 2 HMAF figures.

The Royal Navy figures are a Royal Marine Commando, a Royal Marine Commando with Canoe and A Royal Navy Diver, each with corresponding weapons and gear. Wt. varies with the Marine Commando with Canoe the heaviest at .712 Kg. The Royal Navy vehicle is the Royal Marine Commando Desert Raiding Party Set (wt. 1.376Kg) featuring the Quad bike in desert livery, a Marine Commando in mixed fatigues, a light machine gun, Mark 6a combat helmet and pistol.

Figures of the Royal Air Force include a Fast Jet Pilot, Winch Man, and a Falcon Parachutist, each with accessories and weapons. Pilot and parachutist wt .35 Kg – winch man wt .52 Kg. A Vector Thrust Fast Jet with hand grip for control, designed for vertical take off and landing, an opening cockpit for figures, armed with two spring-operated missles that fire from a button on a wing (wing span 53.5 cm.) is the Royal Air Force vehicle of choice. (H 26 cm x W 53.5 cm x D 65 cm., Wt. 3.0550 Kg.)

These highly articulated action figures are perfect for any little boy or girl that dreams of one day growing up to defend their Country, kids could not find a better toy to aid them in their childhood play than these H.M. Armed Forces Figures. Armed Forces personnel have to undergo some of the most gruelling selection processes in the world. They must be fit, ready and highly intelligent to even attempt the courses they must take. There are few finer role models for a child than what these toy represent.

November 16, 2009
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