Gormiti Guardian Creature

Gormiti Guardian Creature

Gormiti Guardian Creature figurines seem posed to be the next big thing in the realm of action figures. Gormiti “The Invincible Lords of Nature” were originally created in Italy in 2005 by Grani & Partners/Gruppo Preziosi, but have since gained a following in the UK and other locations around the globe.

There is a lengthy background story to the Gormiti, a collection of fantastical warriors created from the natural elements who live on the embattled island of Gorm, that children will delight in acting out. Each warrior (approximately 5cm in height) is packaged along with a matching game card, which details the character’s unique power rating, skills and weapons information. Series 1 has 42 figures from the 6 different tribes of Gorm – Earth, Forest, Sea, Air, Volcano Magma, and Volcano Lava. Six of these figures (one from each tribe) are slightly bigger than the rest. The second series includes 35 new sculpts from 5 different regions (Magma and Lava having been combined into the tribe Volcano). As part of series two, five characters are available as 12cm figures, which have magnetic limbs that can be removed and mixed and matched with the other magnetic characters and three 22cm characters are available which speak and light up.

The warriors from each tribe share a common color scheme – Earth: yellow and slate, Forest: green and brown, Sea: aqua and navy blue, Air: white and turquoise, and Volcano: red and yellow – making it easy for collectors to group members of the same tribe together.

To further immerse yourself in the world of Gorm, playsets are available. Individual playsets feature key locations on the island of Gorm and include two figures. For the Gormiti fanatic, the complete Island of Gorm playset with 12 collectable figures in also available for purchase alongside the Gormiti Guardian Creature.

November 2, 2009
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