Battle Strikers Starter Kit

Battle Strikers Starter Kit

Battle Strikers Starter KitThe Battle Strikers Starter Kit comes with a motorised turbo launchers, magnetic controllers, a poster of all the Strikers available. They encourage social networking, self-confidence and strategical thinking. The product weight is less than a pound and the dimensions of the box is 11.3 x 11.3 x 2.6.

The Battle Strikers Starter Kit toy is recommended for kids age 6 and up and is one of this years top 12 toy picks from The Toy Retailers Association. There is a free online Strikers website with an online game and community. There are sixteen different Strikers available in all any your child can customize them and battle with their friends.

These are nothing like the spinning top of an adult’s childhood. This set comes with 8 pieces. It includes the Turbo Launchers, the Controllers, and Strikers. The Controller can be used if you are right handed or left handed and can be controlled by a fingertip. They spin at an approximate 6300 RPM. This starter kit also comes with the Battle Strikers Arena for your children and their friends to “battle” on.

These tops use magnets and you can actually direct them where you want the top to go in battle. Each Striker (and there are more available) have their own names and special features. They each have different theme and designs. They come in different sizes and weights. This allows each of them to behave differently in “battle”.

Each striker is made up of two rings (one large one small), a magnetic ball bearing and a ball aligner. All the parts snap together making assembly easy and fast. You can also mix and match the different parts from different strikers to make an individualised customised Striker.

November 4, 2009
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