WowWee Flytech Bladestar

WowWee Flytech Bladestar

Flytech BladestarThe Flytech Bladestar will provide hours of exciting fun for children and adults alike. An innovative indoor flying machine from WowWee, it uses sensor based navigation technology to sweep through the air, avoiding solid obstacles and ceilings. The Flytech Bladestar can navigate on its own, or you can guide it with your hands.

The 12-inch wingspan is made of high-flex materials that are designed to be crash resistant. It can be programmed to fly in Autopilot mode or RC mode using a 3-channel digital IR remote controller. The remote controller can be used to control height and power, forward and back motion, and left to right direction. The Flytech Bladestar uses AI to avoid solid objects as it navigates and hovers around the room. Guide the craft remotely, or just use your hands! A dogfight accessory (included) can be attached to enable two Flytech Bladestars to engage in aerial dogfights. Just attach the Dogfight accessory and using the remote controller, press the Fire button to bring down enemy aircraft! Sensors on either craft detect the hit.

Typical flight time for the craft is five minutes, and it can be recharged from the remote controller adding up to twenty additional minutes of fly time. Included with the Flytech Bladestar are two extra blades, two spare propellers, the Dogfight accessory, and a protective carrying case. The Flytech Bladestar requires six “AA” batteries, sold separately.

Another innovative, revolutionary, and exciting toy from WowWee, the Flytech Bladestar was awarded the CES Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award. For children eight years and up. The Flytech Bladestar flying machine is for indoor use only.

October 9, 2009
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