Sylvanian Families Grand Hotel

Sylvanian Families Grand Hotel

Sylvanian Families Grand HotelIf your children are already interested in and/or playing with other Sylvanian Family play sets then this is the one to get them. The Sylvanian Families Grand Hotel is large, elegant and designed for your child to spend hours and hours playing with. They can pretend that Sylvanian families host celebrations there, anything from birthday parties to weddings. The building’s elegant architecture goes great with other Sylvanian collections.

This is a three-story building that opens. There is a terrace on the roof and there are nine more rooms inside to play with the Sylvanian Family figures in. The Grand Hotel has a ballroom, a reception area, stained glass windows, a chandelier and it lights up for even more realistic play. There is also a balcony on the second floor over the entrance to the hotel. It comes with figurines of a waitress, chef and other accessories. It even has room keys and a suitcase trolley.

This exquisite hotel is great for girls age four and older to play and dream of all things elegant. If you know a little girl who loves her dolls, dollhouses and playing dress up she will love the Sylvanian Families Grand hotel. It is the ultimate Sylvanian Families collector’s item.

It weighs seven kilograms, is 53 x 49 x 42 cm. It comes with over 25 accessories including 12 window boxes, bell, a set of pigeon holes and suitcases. Your child can use all her other Sylvanian product play pieces with it. It is ideal to use with all the other Sylvanian room sets available.

October 13, 2009
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