Prime 8 Robot

Prime 8 Robot

Prime 8 RobotChristmas is once again approaching fast. One of the hottest toys in today’s market is the Prime-8 Robot. It the perfect gift for boys aged 8 onwards but will surely be loved by children of all ages because of its amazing capabilities and maneuvers.

Prime 8 Robot Description;

The Prime-8 Robot is a revolutionary toy for young boys. It is the first and fastest bi-pedal robot that runs with the use of a controller. This toy is well designed and had a lot of hours behind its design and creation. The toy itself has a character of its own. It produces unusual but nonetheless interesting sounds and looks perfect with its yellow and black trim. Along with these, the toy is also fully customizable. You can enjoy its five featured games and even create your own trick and moves. The robot is also completely responsive to commands as it has its own setting of moods.

Prime 8 Robot Features;

The design of the robot is intended to be part ape and part robot, hence the name Prime-8. Likewise, this robot is truly one of a kind and is definitely unlike any other remote controlled robot in the market. One of its most amazing features is the control function. With the remote control, you can shoot with the darts and make it do crazy stunts and moves. It is pretty much capable of tackling any terrain because it is a bi-pedal robot. Furthermore, this toy is also perfect to battle with other Prime-8 robots. A one-on-one duel is one of its most coveted features.

Prime 8 Robot Dimensions;

The Prime-8 robot comes with the robot itself, 2 rubber darts, 2 launchers, and the remote control. The robot is 21.5” x 17.5” x 11.7” in volume and weighs less than 6 pounds. The robot will also require some batteries to operate.

October 26, 2009
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