Pleo Dinosaur Robot Toy

Pleo The Robotic Dinosaur Toy

Pleo Dinosaur If you haven’t seen Pleo, the robotic baby dinosaur, then you are in for a sweet surprise. I have never seen anything quite like it. It responds to touch that activates fascinating lifelike movements. It has such a lovable look about it and seems to respond in an affectionate manner when touched on different parts of the body, like the head, back, and feet. Its little eyes will open when awake and will shut when sleeping. Little kids will love being able to touch it and make it move and be able to interact with it as only kids can do. What fun it will be to watch them play with Pleo. It has upgradeable software through an SD card or USB interfaces. Some of the features include:

has light detection and navigation system,
bin aural hearing,
beat detection, Pleo can dance and listen to music,
eight touch sensors, in the head, chin, shoulders, back and feet, so it will move,
four foot switches,
fourteen joint sensors,
body positioning sensors,
object detection sensor in mouth.

It is like having a little pet around without the expense of feeding or cleaning up after it. Pleo is sure to please anyone, not just the little kids, but grownups will find it interesting to play with. It does have a animal like sound for speech and looks so cute. It is actually an interactive robotic pet that walks, moves it head, stretches, opens and closes its eyes, sleeps, and makes dinosaur animal sounds. These little dinosaurs can be found on line. They love everyone and everyone will love Pleo the robotic dinosaur interactive play toy.

October 2, 2009
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