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Kota: The Fully Interactive Tiny Triceratops

Kota TriceratopsKota the Triceratops is a full sized animatronic baby dinosaur from Playskool that your toddler will love. Kota measures over 40″ (1.02 metres) long, weighs 60 pounds, and is big enough to comfortably seat one child who is age two or above. Your child can safely stay atop Kota’s back thanks to the hidden handle in his neck, and the spring loaded seat adds extra realism to the dino ride. Four different adventuring songs are at your toddler’s fingertips via a button on the hidden handle.

Kota has 11 different sensors hidden all over his body which will allow him to fully interact with your child. This tiny Triceratops can respond directly to questions and comments. He will emit a friendly variety of roars, and speak in “dino speak” to anything your child says to him.

Kota moves his eyes, ears, mouth, and horn in response to human attention, with an amazing degree of realism. This little dino can move his head in any direction, roll his eyes to look at you, and will even wiggle joyously when rubbed on his head.

If Kota seems hungry, never fear because dino food is included. Kota comes complete with his own leafy snack. As he is fed, he will make munching noises which convey just how much he’s enjoying his treat. After Koda eats, try a belly rub – he will rumble with delight.

Koda is more than a toddler toy, he is a fully interactive adventure that will provide many months of fun and discovery for your toddlers.

October 2, 2009
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