Peppa Pig Electronic Spaceship

Peppa Pig Electronic Spaceship

Peppa Pig SpaceshipJust when you thought Peppa Pig couldn’t get anymore entertaining, a new Peppa Pig toy hits the shelves. This one is called Peppa Pig Spaceship. It’s 18x13x30 cm, mostly bright yellow with some red and a checkered roof, and very durable. The colour scheme is especially impressive, as the bright and friendly colours catch the eye right away.

Now we can get to the fun stuff. This toy comes with George Pig, Danny the Dog and Peppa Pig herself. Not only that, but they’re already in their spacesuits, ready for takeoff.

The spaceship itself has three compartments on three different levels. Each compartment is accessible via a small door. Each level has simple wall decorations. Each seat has a seatbelt for the character figures to sit in. This is a great feature. Even though it’s a spaceship, it teaches kids that these characters understand and practice safety.

The spaceship has a mute and play mode. The mute mode can be used when the toy is in use during times when parents need quiet. However, if it’s play time, the spaceship can do some cool things. If you lift it up by its red handle, it will roar and say things like “Go left little spaceship.” The spaceship has motion detectors to determine if the ship is heading in the right direction. This can help children with following direction.

The spaceship is a great toy to build a child’s imagination. What better to offer endless possibilities of the imagination than two pigs and a dog flying into space? It also teaches teamwork, as these three characters are working together to control the spaceship. Peppa Pig spaceship is a lot of fun and educational at the same time. It’s highly recommended.

October 18, 2009
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