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My Meebas

My MeebasMy Meebas combine arcade like game play with the imagination of a child. Grown from seeds of a dandelion that have blown through the air, these small creatures provide hours of entertainment. Kids will be thrilled as they see their newest friend grow and eventually form into a plush animal friend.

Each one comes in a different colored tube. The four colors each represent a quality of the My Meebas inside. These include intelligence, friendship, love, and happiness which are all qualities that benefit any child. The tube has an LCD screen on it where hours of games can be played. The more it is played with the faster the little creature will grow.

After seven levels of playing, it will reach its full growth and a big surprise waits! The plush My Meebas will come out of the top looking exactly like the full grown one on the screen. Although it has the same shape as the one that the child has grown to love, they will not know the colors or materials until they see it for themselves.

The My Meebas tubes are 3.5 x 7.8 x 5 inches and have a shipping weight of two pounds. They are recommended for ages six through 12. Although there are seven levels of growth for the Meebas, there are over 20 different games that can be played. This continues to entertain for a long time after the plush animal is revealed.

This toy appeals to a child’s love of arcade type games and enjoyment of taking care of plush animals. In addition, the element of surprise that comes when the plush animal makes an appearance makes this toy a giant hit. Children will have hours of fun playing with My Meebas.

October 4, 2009
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