My Life Virtual Life Simulator Portable Console

My Life Virtual Life Simulator Console

My Life ConsoleThe My Life Portable Console is the perfect toy for any preteen princess. This small hand held console game will fit easily into the hands or pocket of girls age five and above, and has a pale pink colour any young lady will love.

The My Life Console is just as the name implies; it is a virtual life simulator. Each game begins with a choice of character type. Character personalisation can then be done including face shape, eye colour, hair colour, and every aspect of style. Personality and character actions can be chosen and changed, with possibility for evolution ongoing.

The character created will then be able to do a variety of virtual activities, with pet ownership being the primary focus. Your personalised character can train and play with pets, play games, go shopping, keep a personal diary, or keep a personal appointment calendar.

It is possible to link the My Life Console with others like it via an infared sensor. Through this connection, girls can send text messages and communicate with friends. Your virtual friends can then be part of your character’s world, complete with continually growing relationships.

Even after every possible fashion and pet has been collected, game expansion is possible through the accessory packs. The MyStuff accessory and fashion keys allow the addition of brand new fashions which bring a whole new look and style to the game. MyWorld Sunny Beach and Club Disco expansion packs can add new environments for characters to play, live, and thrive in.

The My Life Console is an ideal choice for young ladies who love pets, friends, and fashion. This truly interactive game will allow girls to build their very own world and have a wonderful time while doing it.

October 4, 2009
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