Lets Cook Fruit Factory

Let’s Cook Fruit Factory

Lets Cook Fruit FactoryThe Let’s Cook Fruit Factory is the ideal way to get young people interested in cooking. This safe to use blender can make a variety of healthy and easy to prepare treats that the entire family can enjoy.

The Lets Cook Fruit Factory comes complete with a basic low speed blender and plastic ice lolly makers. The options for healthy snacks and drinks are wide, and flavour options are only as limited as your child’s imagination. There are three ways to prepare treats using the Lets Cook Fruit Factory.

First, you can prepare fresh fruit juices such as apple, orange, strawberry, and blueberry using the blender. Try each fruit alone or mix it up, the results are sure to be delicious. Next, you can make your very own delectable smoothies, right in the convenience of your own home. With only fruit, milk or yoghurt, and ice, you can blend up a fruit smoothie which is actually better than any you can find at your local ice cream shoppe. Finally, you child can make delicious ice lollys. Using the included ice lolly makers, you need only to blend up your favourite fruits, adding milk for an extra creamy texture if you wish, and pour the juice. Simply pop the ice lolly makers in the freezer and allow them to freeze for a few hours for a wonderful treat.

The Lets Cook Fruit Factory is safe for ages five and above. The blender is a low speed one, which will allow little ones to do their own cooking whilst having a wonderful time.

October 6, 2009
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