In the Night Garden Sleepy Time Iggle Piggle

In the Night Garden Sleepy Time Iggle Piggle

Sleepy Time Iggle Piggle A soft and snugly plush doll that has 10 modes of play. Hasbro’s Iggle Piggle sings, dances and plays games. It will definitely thrill your little ones. The television series In the Night Garden is a favorite of kids and parents alike. This little light blue guy will keep your kids attention just like the television series does. Your child can even watch the show with his plush Igglepiggle if he wants.

If you have ever watched the show you know that Iggle Piggle plays one of the most important characters. He is a bouncy and peppy, always jumping around. He is daring but tender hearted often in need of reassurance and he always brings his red blanket with him.

Iggle Piggle will play four games, one where your child gueses who he is portraying, a follow the leader type dancing game, one in which your child helps igglepiggle look for his misplaced blanket and give it back to him and a classic hide and seek type one. He can even tell when his blanket is in his hand or not. Your child can even recreate the scenes from “In the Night Garden” with him. Igglepiggle even has sounds, tunes and voices from the television program. He also comes with his own red blanket that can be taken on and off by your child. The perfect size for cuddling, his eyes and arms move up and down too, especially while he is dancing. This is truly an interactive toy your child will get many hours of enjoyment from, whether he’s playing actively with it or cuddling with it at bedtime.

Iggle Piggle measures 10cm x 32cm x 36cm, weighs 2.5 Kg and runs on 2 “AA” batteries and is for ages 18 months and up.

October 3, 2009
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